6 Summer Essentials

What's up friends?! (And yes, you all are my friends). I have created a list of summer essentials to put into your purse or your backpack. During the summer there are lots of fun things happing; vacations, cruising the town with your friends, and going to the pool. Sometimes it can be hard to keep... Continue Reading →


You now that feeling of adrenaline when you are running from one thing to the next? Life is absolutely crazy. I feel like as a sophomore you've got school, a job, friends, and family that you are balancing on a very rickety platter. I literally just finished uploading a video that I wanted to upload... Continue Reading →

Check Out My Closet!

What's up peeps! I am now selling my clothes on this super cute app/ site called Curtsy. (Not sponsored). I posted my first listing today! Buying second hand is great because it reduces the amount of clothes in our landfills and helps raise awareness about sweat shops. Sweat shops pay their workers very little and... Continue Reading →

Re: My Deepest Struggle

After posting my last post I felt so free and light. I was absolutely terrified while filming that video and I almost didn't post it. Now I'm so glad that I did. It was something that I knew I needed to do. We all have a deep struggle. Nobody is perfect and sometimes I forget... Continue Reading →

Journaling Can Be Informal

Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of starting a journal? Does it feel like some daunting task that people keep suggesting you do but you don't know how to go about doing it? Today I am going to share some of my experiences that might help you. As I have struggled with depression, journaling... Continue Reading →

A Huge Announcement!

A week or so ago I heard that quote. That quote helped me decide what I'm about to tell you! I am starting up my YouTube channel again!! I have a goal to hit 100 subscribers by midnight on December 31st. With your help I have a chance of meeting this goal! If I hit... Continue Reading →


A lot of us teen girls hide behind our makeup. My best friend decided that in 2019 she wants to be #unpaintedgirls #unpaintedgirls means that she won't be wearing any makeup except for special occasions like dances. Even then she won't be wearing a ton. I am going to join her in this exciting challenge.... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hello everyone! Today is thanksgiving and I just wanted to say how grateful I am for being able to have this blog. This blog has helped me express myself and share what I feel is important. When I started writing it came easier than I thought it would. This blog has helped me start to... Continue Reading →

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