3 Tips For Improving Self Confidence

3 Tips For Improving Self Confidence

These days we teen girls struggle a whole lot with confidence. Sometimes I get pretty down about myself because I feel like I’m not cool enough or popular enough. I also don’t have social media so sometimes I feel out of the loop. In this post I’m going to share some tips on how I improve my self confidence.

1. Dress and Appearance

Photo Credit: My BFF

I feel a lot more confident when I wear one of my favorite outfits that are totally me. When I wear things that I think are cool I don’t feel as much myself. So for a week wear your favorite outfits that are totally you!

Now for appearance. I don’t wear makeup all the time but when I wash my face and deep condition my tight curls I feel just as beautiful as when I wear full face makeup. Try and go a day with little or no makeup and see how you feel!

2. Social Media

This is my actual home screen

So I don’t have social media. No Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter whatever. Sometimes it can be really hard because I feel left out and kind of weird. Then I realize that it’s nobody’s business whether or not you have social media. In fact, technology is so cool these days that you can personalize your phone and make it the you want. I am so much happier without social media because I’m not being inundated with pictures of other people’s “perfect” lives.

3. Personality

You may recognize that this character is from a show called the Backyardigans. This character’s name is Uniqua. Throughout the entire show you don’t know exactly what she is. That doesn’t matter though because she knows who she is and is confident in her skin. There is a quote that I saw once that says, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”- John Mason. I looove this quote!

As a blogger you have to find your niche. You don’t want your blog to be the same as everyone else’s. Each of us has a niche (personality).

To start, think about stuff that you love to do like music, singing, dance, soccer, art, computer programming? This is a piece of your personality! Next, ask people you are close to about your unique qualities. You’ll be surprised to see yourself from other people’s perspectives.

I by no means am always confident. I have my off days or even times when I feel like I’m not all that special but these things help me remember and gain confidence.

What do you do to improve your confidence?

Excited For General Conference!

Excited For General Conference!

President Nelson

Hey all! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every six  months we have this thing called General Conference where our church leaders talk to us and give us messages of truth and inspiration.

In the future I will be doing a post that talks about what I believe in my religion. In that post I will also be busting some interesting myths and misunderstandings that people have about our church.

I just wanted to write this quick post with a link to our church website and a cool conference notebook for teens. I encourage you guys to check these out. General Conference has made a huge impact in my life and the messages that are shared gives me encouragement to keep going.


Conference Notebook: https://www.lds.org/new-era/2018/09/general-conference-notebook?lang=eng

Church Website: https://www.lds.org


Not Today World, Not Today Satan

Not Today World, Not Today Satan

I was googling inspirational quotes and I found this. This really made me sad. So many girls actually feel like this. I want to change this. Why don’t we see ourselves as pretty? Why are so many of our smiles fake? Why do we keep so much of ourselves hidden away?

I know I have struggled with these things. It’s hard to be a teenage girl these days. There are things everywhere telling us what we should be, how we should act, and how we will never be pretty enough. We need to put our foot down and say not today world, not today Satan.

We must not let the world shape us. We cannot except all these bombarding things that are tearing us down.

Today, to make a small change in the world, I am writing a blog post that is telling the truth. I am putting my foot down against the world and Satan.

Everyday we must tell ourselves these 5 things:






No matter how hard it gets we must remember that we are not “Just a Girl”. We are daughters of God and children of the promise.

Suicide Is Real- We Must Do Something About It

Suicide Is Real- We Must Do Something About It

Hey everyone! Today I am going to talk about a really hard subject. If you feel triggered by this post in any way or you don’t feel like you are ready to talk about this- don’t keep reading, come back to it when you are ready 😉.

Suicide is becoming a huge issue. So many teens are struggling with suicidal thoughts and actions. The way I see it is that Satan is trying to get rid of the youth of our day. The youth of today are very important in God’s plan. Satan is just trying to bring us down.

I have struggled with suicidal thoughts first hand. I have been working through it for the last three years. It is exhausting. We must not try to carry this burden on our own. My parents have been a tremendous part of my recovery.

Once I reached out to my parents they were able to set up a counseling appointment for me. The counselor was able to teach me how recognize the signs that led up to the suicidal thoughts. I created an emotional emergency kit that I could use when I was in trauma.

If you are trying to overcome these destructive thoughts I have a list of five things you can do.

#1 Listen to Fight Song by Rachel Platten (Really Listen to the Chorus)

#2 Reach Out to Someone You Trust and Stay Near Them

#3 Check in With a Parent Every Night

#4 Get Outside Yourself and Serve Someone Else

#5 Take a Week Off of Social Media

I hope that you were able to get something out of this post. The main thing I want you to take away is that you are not alone and you are worth something no matter what the devil whispers in your ear.

The Struggle With Short Hair

The Struggle With Short Hair

For the last four years I have had long hair. I put my hair in extensions and let it grow out. This year I decided that I was done with braids. They took 13.5 hours to do and it was a painful process. Cutting my hair short again was a huge step for me. People just assume that I’m a boy. A lot of people associate short hair with being a boy and long hair with being a girl. They don’t look at my painted nails or my headband. It hurts a lot. I am very disappointed that people can’t see that no matter what I do with my hair I will still be a girl.

One person I look up to is Lupita Nyong’o. I talked about her a little bit in my Birthday Makeover  post. I love the way she styled her hair. I look up to her because she is a well known person that has her hair short. Think about her in the movie Black Panther. Lupita is beautiful! She proves that African girls and women can wear their hair short and still look gorgeous.

In my culture the women in the villages have short hair. It is more sanitary and easier to take care of. Long hair where I am from is a symbol of wealth and privilege.

What’s something you are sensitive about? What is something that embarrasses you? What can you do to move past this barrier. Christ never said this life would be easy he only said it would be worth it. I hope that you can realize how beautiful you are.

P.S. The picture above is an artistic photo not a an angry face 😉

Tips On Battling Depression

Tips On Battling Depression

Today I want to talk about depression. I have personally struggled with it. I have been talking to a lot of people about it recently and realized how common depression really is. The number one thing you need to remember is that you need REACH OUT. Tell your parents, grandparents, a counselor, etc. Anyone you feel comfortable with. Sometimes I send a quick text to my parents to give them an update on how I’m doing.

The next thing is you need to find friends that you can relate to. I have been to a lot of camps this summer. At two of them I made some new friends that have suffered from and are working through the same things I am. Having a good support network is really important.

The last tip I want to give you is a great resource that I have used when I had nothing else left. Below is a link to my church website. They have so many great resources on depression. I hope that you will be able to find true healing. Always remember that God loves you and he is always there. All you have to do is cry out to him and say: “I don’t have anything left to give, please carry my burden.” Sometimes he doesn’t answer your prayer exactly the way you want but he knows what he is doing and it will turn out for the best.😉