Sometimes we do stupid things because of peer pressure. I know that from personal experience. It can leave you with this sinking feeling of dread and regret. I feel terrible. Sometimes we act in the moment not thinking about the aftermath. Sometimes we let our feelings take over. This probably makes no sense. Lol. I... Continue Reading →

What Other People Think

I am a very different where I live. I don't fit into the little bubble. I am African, have buzzed hair, am homeschooled, and have a Blog/YouTube channel. With swim I have been going through a huge struggle. For one thing I'm not super fast and I have a knee injury so I can't use... Continue Reading →

It’s Good To Be Alive

I'm just chillin on my Grandma's couch thinking about life. Thinking about how it could be gone in an instant and it's up to me to live life to its fullest. I spend so much of my time comparing or making sure I'm being perfect that I forget to just live. Then I think to... Continue Reading →

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