My Go To Apps For Blogging

Hello everyone. I thought that it would be fun to share some of my go to apps that I use for blogging. 1. WordPress Since I have a WordPress blog I use their mobile app to upload photos, respond to comments, read and write blog posts, and check stats. I totally recommend this app if... Continue Reading →

6 Summer Essentials

What's up friends?! (And yes, you all are my friends). I have created a list of summer essentials to put into your purse or your backpack. During the summer there are lots of fun things happing; vacations, cruising the town with your friends, and going to the pool. Sometimes it can be hard to keep... Continue Reading →

An Ambassador Program!!

Hey everyone! One of our fellow bloggers is starting an Ambassador program for her clothing line! The best part is that all the shirts are printed in the U.S. and the shirts are manufactured in places that have respectable labor practices. Are any of you interested in applying to be an Ambassador for Glo Fashion??... Continue Reading →

Yellow Mood Board

Hey guys! Today I have put together a yellow mood board for you. These are not my pictures I just made the collage. It was like a treasure hunt looking for the pictures. I had so much fun creating this post! Don't forget to wish your moms a happy Mother's Day tomorrow! Do you want... Continue Reading →

Do You Want To Be A Micro-influencer?

Hey girls! In our day it's super popular to become an influencer. Today I specifically want to talk about Micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have less than 50,000 followers. They are becoming the new trend because they are more personal with their followers. I personally want to thank the Micro-influencers that have liked my blog posts. It means... Continue Reading →

3 Brands That Help Our World

Sometimes it can be hard to find a brand that you don't feel bad buying from. Here are 3 that I have run across that are positively influencing our blue planet. Ivory Ella This first one is awesome because everything you buy from them helps save elephants! Here are some cute things from their site.... Continue Reading →


You now that feeling of adrenaline when you are running from one thing to the next? Life is absolutely crazy. I feel like as a sophomore you've got school, a job, friends, and family that you are balancing on a very rickety platter. I literally just finished uploading a video that I wanted to upload... Continue Reading →

Check Out My Closet!

What's up peeps! I am now selling my clothes on this super cute app/ site called Curtsy. (Not sponsored). I posted my first listing today! Buying second hand is great because it reduces the amount of clothes in our landfills and helps raise awareness about sweat shops. Sweat shops pay their workers very little and... Continue Reading →

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