Starting a Mom & Me Journal

Starting a Mom & Me Journal

Happy Valentines Day loves! I used to think Mom & Me Journal’s were kind of dorky. Then when I started to use a notebook to write things that were amazing about my mom I realized that it was pretty fun. We pass the notebook back and forth and when either of us are having a bad day or going through a deep struggle that notebook is there with a sweet note from the other person.

This might be a fun thing to try (especially since is Valentines). If you don’t have a mom or don’t want to do this with your mom do it with a sibling, a friend, a grandparent, a cousin, or your dad. This can help build stronger relationships with people in your life and give you someone you can reach out to in a time of need.

You can also use this journal to open up about things that are harder to say in person. Sometimes it can be easier to write things out as opposed to saying them to that person out loud.

I feel like sometimes we forget that Valentines Day is about more than love between a couple. I see it as a specific day to show love to the people you care most about. This is one of the ways that I do that personally. It has helped me see my mom as more of a person and less as the person that makes the rules.

What is something special you do with your mom or someone else you are close to?

Journaling Can Be Informal

Journaling Can Be Informal

Do you feel overwhelmed with the idea of starting a journal? Does it feel like some daunting task that people keep suggesting you do but you don’t know how to go about doing it? Today I am going to share some of my experiences that might help you.

As I have struggled with depression, journaling has helped me get out of my head and re-grounded. When I write in my journal it’s like talking to a friend. When you say things out loud or write them out you are able to see things from a clearer perspective. If you are in a super low state try just writing or drawing what you think the root of your depressive episode is or what caused you to get to this point. This will help you look at it with an outside perspective and guide you toward a healthier state of mind.

My mom had me start a journal when I was very young. Before I could write she would write for me and I would tell her what I wanted to say. Back then my journal consisted of trips to the store and what life was like with a new little brother. Nowadays I write about my life as a teen and my blogging experiences.

At first, I thought that if I had a fancy journal everything had to look cute and be laid out nicely. Then I switched to a notebook and felt more free to write. Choose what works best for you. Make sure that whatever you decide you can write freely and not feel like you need to “stay within the lines.”

At first you may not be able to journal every day. Start by journaling once a week. Write freely. No one is going to read it. You can even burn it if you want when you are finished. Journaling is just a healthy way to get your feelings out. There is great satisfaction in putting your thoughts down on paper.

The last thing to remember is that no one is perfect. I don’t write in my journal everyday. Sometimes I down right don’t want to. Your journal is personal. Nobody needs to know what’s in it or how often you write. Believe me, if you saw what kind of things were in my journal you would realize that we aren’t that different after all ;). I will be posting about different ways to write in your journal in the future.

Do you prefer to journal in a notebook or a fancy journal?