5 Things That Make Me Feel Confident

#1. An Outfit That Shows My Personality

When I wear a cute tee with cutoff shorts and my Teva sandals I feel so… me.

#2. A Head-Wrap or My Hair Combed Out

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Head-wraps are part of my native culture. I love the different colorful styles you can do with them. Not very many African girls have buzzed hair. I love my tapered cut and when it’s combed through it feels so fresh.

#3. My Nails Painted

I have a thing for manicured nails. Whether they are done myself or painted by a friend.

#4. A Good Nights Rest

When I sleep good I am happier and more alert.

#5. My Skin Well Moisturized

My rich brown skin almost glows when it’s well moisturized. It also feels so soft.

What makes you feel confident?

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