What Other People Think

I am a very different where I live. I don’t fit into the little bubble. I am African, have buzzed hair, am homeschooled, and have a Blog/YouTube channel.

With swim I have been going through a huge struggle. For one thing I’m not super fast and I have a knee injury so I can’t use my legs.

I was feeling really discouraged about my swimming. Then when I started to get in a groove some mean things were said about my swim. I got discouraged all over again. Practice was a drag to go to and I kept wondering what the point was.

Then this morning I got up at 5:30, put in my earbuds, and started to get ready. I got in the pool today swimming for me and only me. I got incredible times today and swam great.

Sometimes it’s hard not to let what other people say get to you, but when you let it go the burden is no longer yours.

2 thoughts on “What Other People Think

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  1. Good words ❤️It can be hard, but it’s so important not to compare ourselves to others because we’re all going through different things, and we’re each meant for different purposes! Also, funny you posted this today, because something similar to this has been on my mind and I was planning on doing a post about it too haha 🙃

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