3 Tips For Improving Self Confidence

These days we teen girls struggle a whole lot with confidence. Sometimes I get pretty down about myself because I feel like I’m not cool enough or popular enough. I also don’t have social media so sometimes I feel out of the loop. In this post I’m going to share some tips on how I improve my self confidence.

1. Dress and Appearance

Photo Credit: My BFF

I feel a lot more confident when I wear one of my favorite outfits that are totally me. When I wear things that I think are cool I don’t feel as much myself. So for a week wear your favorite outfits that are totally you!

Now for appearance. I don’t wear makeup all the time but when I wash my face and deep condition my tight curls I feel just as beautiful as when I wear full face makeup. Try and go a day with little or no makeup and see how you feel!

2. Social Media

This is my actual home screen

So I don’t have social media. No Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter whatever. Sometimes it can be really hard because I feel left out and kind of weird. Then I realize that it’s nobody’s business whether or not you have social media. In fact, technology is so cool these days that you can personalize your phone and make it the you want. I am so much happier without social media because I’m not being inundated with pictures of other people’s “perfect” lives.

3. Personality

You may recognize that this character is from a show called the Backyardigans. This character’s name is Uniqua. Throughout the entire show you don’t know exactly what she is. That doesn’t matter though because she knows who she is and is confident in her skin. There is a quote that I saw once that says, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”- John Mason. I looove this quote!

As a blogger you have to find your niche. You don’t want your blog to be the same as everyone else’s. Each of us has a niche (personality).

To start, think about stuff that you love to do like music, singing, dance, soccer, art, computer programming? This is a piece of your personality! Next, ask people you are close to about your unique qualities. You’ll be surprised to see yourself from other people’s perspectives.

I by no means am always confident. I have my off days or even times when I feel like I’m not all that special but these things help me remember and gain confidence.

What do you do to improve your confidence?

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