Top 10 Apps Every #GirlBoss Should Have + Giveaway!

Hello everybody! Today I have created a list of the top 10 apps for every #GirlBoss. I want to give a special thanks to some of my friends for giving app suggestions for this post. Now without further adieu…….

#1. SheinImage result for shein app icon

This first app is called SHEIN. Shein is a shopping app where you can buy cute inexpensive clothes. They also have beauty supplies, accessories, and room decor.

Image result for tasty app icon#2. Tasty

This next app is called Tasty. I love tasty because I have been experimenting with a lot of cooking lately. There are so many yummy recipes on this app. Tasty also has recipes for people with food allergies or special diets.

Related image#3. Bitmoji

I LOOOVE Bitmoji! Bitmoji is an app where you can create an emoji that looks like you. You can use the app in your messages to send stickers to your friends.

Image result for marco polo app icon#4. Marco Polo

Macro Polo is an app where instead of texting your friends you send them a video. I enjoy using it because it gives more depth and emotion to your messages. You can also do voice filters to make your friends laugh.

Related image#5. Spotify

Most of you know what Spotify is. It is a good app for listening to music. You can create playlists or listen to stations. There is also a paid subscription you can use to have unlimited access to all the songs.

Image result for sandbox app icon#6. Sandbox

Sandbox is a really satisfying app. It is a color by number app. I love how many free creations there are that you can color.

Related image#7. Bloglovin

I talked a little about Bloglovin in a previous post “Check Out My Blog On Bloglovin”. This app is cool because you can read my blog posts easier on the go.

Image result for boomerang app icon#8. Boomerang

I use boomerang to make fun loop videos. Once you record the short video it keeps going on a loop.

Image result for google calendar app icon#9. Google Calendar

I personally prefer the Google Calendar app to the calendar app that came with my iPhone. I can color code my events on my Google Calendar which makes it easier to find things.

Related image#10. Slices

Last but not least Slices. Slices is a geometric game where you try and fit slices of food together. It is a fun game that is harder than it looks.

Now for the Giveaway! I will be giving away 3 cute fall phone wallpapers!

To Enter:

  • Share the link to this post with 5 other people
  • Do a secret act of service
  • Write a note of why you are grateful for someone and give it to them
  • Send me a message on my Contact Page about your experience doing the act of service and the reaction of the person you gave the note to.

This giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 13.

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