Meeting Jason Hewlett

This past weekend I was able to go see a concert by Jason Hewlett. It was entertaining and inspirational. Jason Hewlett is a family-friendly entertainer and Keynote speaker.

His concert was AMAZING! I had so much fun. He sang some original songs that were so cute. He also did some covers on some popular songs where he changed the lyrics. Jason Hewlett is also very good at impressions. He did Elsa, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and a bunch of other people.

I also had a opportunity to see him present to just the youth. He challenged us to write a list of 100 things that made us awesome. He also wanted us to ask our parents what they thought our gift was. I have started my list and found that I am an amazing person with lots of talents.

Jason taught us about what he calls The Promise.

Step 1. Identify

We must identify what our “Signature Move” is. My “Signature Move” is blogging.

Step 2. Clarify

Then we need to ask others what they think our “Signature Move” is.

Step 3. Magnify

Now that we know what we are meant to do or what our “Signature Move” is we must magnify it. We need to share and develop that gift.

He was so easy to relate to. Jason talked about finding what it was that made us who we are. After the concert I was able to take some pictures with him.

I am so glad that I was able to go see his concert! I was entertained and inspired. Thank you Jason Hewlett!

Find out more about Jason and his many talents at

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