Suicide Is Real- We Must Do Something About It

Hey everyone! Today I am going to talk about a really hard subject. If you feel triggered by this post in any way or you don’t feel like you are ready to talk about this- don’t keep reading, come back to it when you are ready 😉.

Suicide is becoming a huge issue. So many teens are struggling with suicidal thoughts and actions. The way I see it is that Satan is trying to get rid of the youth of our day. The youth of today are very important in God’s plan. Satan is just trying to bring us down.

I have struggled with suicidal thoughts first hand. I have been working through it for the last three years. It is exhausting. We must not try to carry this burden on our own. My parents have been a tremendous part of my recovery.

Once I reached out to my parents they were able to set up a counseling appointment for me. The counselor was able to teach me how recognize the signs that led up to the suicidal thoughts. I created an emotional emergency kit that I could use when I was in trauma.

If you are trying to overcome these destructive thoughts I have a list of five things you can do.

#1 Listen to Fight Song by Rachel Platten (Really Listen to the Chorus)

#2 Reach Out to Someone You Trust and Stay Near Them

#3 Check in With a Parent Every Night

#4 Get Outside Yourself and Serve Someone Else

#5 Take a Week Off of Social Media

I hope that you were able to get something out of this post. The main thing I want you to take away is that you are not alone and you are worth something no matter what the devil whispers in your ear.

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