Birthday Makeover 💄

I just turned fifteen so for my birthday one of my grandmas took me to Ulta Beauty to learn how to do a full face natural makeup look. I cut my hair short and I love to dress sporty, so lots of people assume I’m a boy. My mom and I decided it would be best if I got my hair styled and started wearing more obvious makeup. I do have to admit that makeup is hard work. It starts to get easier the second time you do it. I have done the whole look twice now on my own. I am really happy with this new look. I got my look from Lupita Nyong’o (actress and model).

She is a beautiful woman who carries herself wonderfully. Sometimes a cute haircut and some makeup can go a long way to boost your confidence!

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  1. Ruby, hi! I’m a friend of your mom and dad’s. My daughter Audrey just turned 15 yesterday and a few weeks ago, while we were visiting family, we did the same thing! It’s crazy the stuff the Ultra makeup ladies were showing us that even I didn’t know. Just wanted to say that I love your look! Beautiful!! Also, if it’s okay, I was hoping my daughter could start following you. I think she’s r ally enjoy reading your thoughts.


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